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Quilling: a type of ornamental craftwork involving the shaping of paper, fabric, or glass into delicate pleats or folds.
Quilling with paper is the latest medium I’ve been working on.  I produced this 24” x 36” piece for the Therapydia Portland Physical Therapy center.  Below is a picture of the complete bicycle plus a couple of close-ups, which includes over 1500 individual pieces!

Who Are We
Bicycle quilling wheel.jpg
Bicycle quilling sprocket.jpg

I am now in the process of building up my quilling portfolio, but I welcome the opportunity to discuss commissioned opportunities.  Here are some of my available pieces. Prices start at $85 each.

Quilling 13.jpg
Quilling 15 (3).jpg
Quilling 11.jpg
Quilling Crucifix 11.jpg
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