My artistic journey began in my thirties when I developed my personal floral watercolor style. Art served as a respite from my work as a director of a program for severely abused preschoolers.


     Since that time, I have explored a variety of other media including mosaic, landscape quilting and other fabric art. But in the last several years I have discovered abstract acrylic painting. I have been attracted to this medium because it requires a balance between elements of the work that I can control and elements that the medium controls. I used to be exacting and precise with my watercolors. I love the freedom and the surprises this medium affords.

mom and joey.jpeg

     In the last year, I have been successful showing my work at the Charbonneau Arts Festival (non-juried) and the Benefit Art show for CraneAge (juried).

     I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and my 85 pound “love lug” labrador retriever puppy, Joey and cherish spending time with my children, their spouses and my 6 grandchildren.

Mary's favorite musician, Katie Rice is also her daughter. The song you are listening to is called With You. Katie is working on an album due out in 2021. Connect to her iTunes page, here. Thank you!