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The Process

For those of you that enjoy my work but don’t find your exact match in terms of color scheme, let’s create a painting together.


I can do an individual painting or a painting grouping (e.g. diptych or triptych).

  1. Choose the right size painting for you.

  2. Choose two to four colors you would like, three colors usually work best.

  3. I will create a small size piece for you to see how the colors work together to preview what the final painting might look like.

  4. Commission work costs about 50% more than standard paintings. I charge a $100 retainer in order to do this initial work with you.  However, it is fully applied to the purchase price of the painting.  The retainer protects both you and me.  In the event, at the end of the process you really don’t want the painting you don’t have to take it but I am still reimbursed for the work that I put into it.

Let’s Work Together

Mary Thompson 

Thanks for submitting!
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